Red Elephant has started selling a wide range of power tools, stationary tools, electronical devices and consumer articles in India from 2010 onwards. Currently Red Elephant is active in leading industrialized states of India and is representing several foreign brands on an exclusive basis. Red Elephant is representing Einhell Germany, Hugo Brennenstuhl, KWB tools and its own Red Elephant branded articles through its network of currently 110 authorized dealers and approximately 500 sub-dealers.

Red Elephant is located at one of Mumbai´s most attractive spots for western products and lifestyle. Beside the Red Elephant office, the company has established a separate show room and service station on the ground floor of the shopping mall where all products are visible. Red Elephant´s 1,000 m² large warehouse is located at a multi client facility, managed by its own logistic management team at Mumbai´s leading warehousing and logistic location. Red Elephant participates at several trade fairs and is inviting it´s authorized dealers regularly to product promotions. For assisting its dealers and potential customers Red Elephant has established a platform to support the dealers with marketing items, back-up service and promotion board on its Point of Sale.

Red Elephant employs a team of 20 experts in the field of sales and service as well as logistics and is expanding steadily. Currently Red Elephant is fully owned by Elephant Equity GmbH, a German based Investment Company focusing on emerging markets.